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We provide outstanding services in the areas of hard & soft landscaping. Our highly trained team can guarantee quality work that is customer-based, ensuring a win-win outcome. Exigo Outdoor Construction want to create not only a sustainable outdoor space, but a lifestyle for your most valuable asset.

Total Solutions

Exigo is based in Brisbane and covers all major areas in Southeast Queensland. We offer a complete landscaping solution from start to finish.

  • Timber is often the easiest way to soften a space. With a team of qualified carpenters, we are able to assist in almost all timber constructions onsite. We can come up with an array of different designs and ways to use timber that both suits your budget and is of practical use.

    Timber has no limitation to its use and we are able to give that to every customer. With our experienced team we provide all services to clients at the highest standard, and pride ourselves greatly in our finished product, ensuring each client is happy with the end result.

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    Timber works, especially timber decks are quite often a feature on most Australian houses especially here in Queensland. Decks provide an outdoor living and entertaining area for all to enjoy and also help to add value to your property.

    Timber Arbours allow a connection from one area to another. Arbours are most commonly used as a front entrance on a property as it links the front yard or footpath area directly to the house. Often these are made with the purpose of plants to grow over and create a feature of its own, while some are also constructed as a covered entrance where pedestrians can stand before entrance of the property.

    Pergolas often go hand in hand with decking and hard surfaces. Pergolas are essentially a shade area. This is often of high importance in the Queensland environment. These can be made out of timber frame or aluminium frame depending on what feeling the client is trying to achieve.

    Fencing is an essential in all properties. They provide not only security but privacy also. There is an unlimited way to construct fences and the clients are always consulted over what they require, can afford and is achievable.

    Timber Cladding is often made up to cover visual detractions. Often clients require water tanks, air conditioners, hot water systems and bins covered just to name a few. As with fencing, there are unlimited options depending on requirements, affordability and achievability.

    As with all timber works, Timber Furniture is made to soften spaces. This normally overs things like, benches, storage boxes, daybeds and entertaining areas.

    Finally, Timber Retaining walls are one of the most common uses for timber. Timber sleepers provide an economical way for a retaining system. While timber sleeper may not necessarily have the shelf life of concrete and stone products, the treatments have increased the productivity of in the sleepers and now most sleepers should last between 10 and 20 years depending on whether hardwood or treated pine are selected.

  • Retaining walls often have a few different purposes. Most of the time they are constructed to hold back land from subsiding, but we are finding more often that people are also using retaining walls as a way to level their property to give it more functionality.


    Retaining walls can be built using a variety of materials; from timber, besser block, concrete, and rock, and our experienced team will be able to work with you to decide the best option to suit your requirements.

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    Timber retaining walls are more often than not the most cost effective option. Some sites often have limited access for machinery so this is often another reason why timber is used ahead of other products. The timber treatments that are being used now have also allowed the shelf life of the timber products to increase also over the last few years. Hardwood and Treated Pine timber are both still used for retaining wall and depending on choice can last for 10-20 years. One other element of using timber is it provides a soft back drop as opposed to concrete products. One slight downfall of the timber is that it has a limited height that it can be constructed to.

    Besser Block walls are the most cost effective way of having a long lasting wall. More often than not, these walls also allow you to build to higher heights than any of the other walls. If the besser block wall is rendered it will also allow a much nicer finish. The besser block wall, both rendered and natural can both be painted which also is a good feature to have as over the years the clients taste/needs/wants may change with regards to the colour. All besser block wall should be core filled if holding any weight and there is steel works and footings that need to be done for them to be stable and maximise their strength. Often an engineer is required for these walls - which is a small price to pay for the knowledge that you have a structurally sound wall.

    Concrete Blocks are often a choice with some clients. The main reason for this is that there is a large variety of blocks to choose from.


    - Some block walls can be built over 1 metre, some cant
    - Some have a rock/split face, some have a smooth face
    - Some MUST be core filled, some don't need to be core filled
    - Often many different colours


    Concrete blocks give the most options for people but each has a purpose and some can/cant be used in some areas. When Exigo Outdoor Construction consults with a client all these factors are taken into account before moving to the next step.

    The last type of retaining wall is Rock Retainers. There are also a few options here in accordance to wants and budget. The two main types of rock retainers are Sandstone and Granite boulders. There are many different grades of each of these boulders and this all depends on budget and availability. As these are a natural product sometimes there is a wait time, but Exigo Outdoor Construction works closely with the client and supplier so there is never any wait time on the jobs unless natural occurrences take place - like torrential rain. This option is good also for height as they can be constructed over 1 metre height which often clients require.

  • As with most things involving construction, there are a lot of options, and hard surfaces is no different. A lot of hard surface areas are used for entertaining and are of high importance to achieve the best possible finish there is.


    Concrete is the most commonly used hard surface, and there are a lot of different finishes you can choose with this material. All concrete work taken out by Exigo Outdoor Construction is always excavated to correct depths to allow water flow, expansion joints put in, and reinforced with steel.


    Other options for hard surfaces include pavers and tiles, and like all of our work, we pride ourselves in handing over the best finished product possible.

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    The most commonly used hard surface is concrete. There are a lot of different finishes that you can achieve with concrete. Often people change colours, exposed aggregate concrete and stencilled concrete patterns. Control joints are important to put in to help in the fight against cracking concrete. All the concrete work taken out by Exigo Outdoor Construction is always excavated to correct depths to allow water flow, expansion joints put in and reinforced with steel. The only downside to concrete is the land shifting and tree roots both can cause cracking and repair works on concrete is an expensive project.

    The next option for a hard surface is pavers. Pavers are a bit like block walls - there are a lot of options. There are different colours, sizes, textures, and materials (clay and concrete). The best part of pavers that separates it from concrete and tiling is it has the best surface flexibility. While they may be a bit more expensive initially, the flexibility allows for low costs if any repair works ever need to be taken out for whatever reason. All our paving jobs involve high standard to sub-base preparation. Giving a stable ground to build upon allows for an immaculate finish. Some pavers require sealing and Exigo Outdoor Construction also allows for this in our recommendations and pricing. Exigo Outdoor Construction is also proud to say that we have never had to go back to a paving job and repair due to sub-surface problems. Every paving job is different and each paving job can be laid to different patterns to the clients choice.

    The last main hard surface finish that clients often want is Tiles. Again like pavers these can come in a wide range of choices depending on budget, and give you different options with colours, sizes, textures, and materials. While similar in construction with paving, a sub-surface base of concrete is required for all tiling jobs. All tiling works carried out by Exigo Outdoor Construction is carried out from start to finsh- so from excavation to sealing the finished product.

  • Water features are an amazing way to create a relaxing, tranquil area anywhere on your property. Water features can be as complex or as simple as you like. In most cases our water features involve recirculating water systems to make sure that the water is preserved.


    Exigo Outdoor Construction has created many water features over the years, and we can create a water feature as simple as in a pot, to one that includes waterfalls and plants with marine life, or even interior water features. As far as your imagination can stretch, Exigo Outdoor Construction prides itself on producing a quality finish every time.

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    Different cladding products can be used on your choice of water feature. Often natural stone cladding is used but over the last few years artificial stone cladding has become just as popular. All clients are consulted closely to ensure than they get exactly what water feature they want.
  • This is the area where Exigo Outdoor Construction really is ahead of most other competitors. We don't specialise in any ONE area – we specialise in all of your landscaping needs. We cover all aspects that are outdoors, which is why we have recently changed our whole company.


    Through our years of experience and gathering our talented team of employees, we feel more than confident that we can offer the best possible service to all our new clients and our past loyal ones.

  • A landscape design can be as simple or as intricate as a client desires. Often a simple design is easy enough and covers the clients needs, but in the case where you would like a full design done, we have a very experienced Landscape Designer on board.


    Our Head Landscape Architect designs gardens in the South East Queensland region, and is available to design your courtyard, residential property, right through to acreage lots, and is dedicated to ensuring his clients are advantaged by his extensive horticultural and design experience. Our team is committed to making sure our client's requests are fully realised, by listening carefully to their ideas and heeding the design brief, resulting in a design of excellence.

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    Our Landscaper Designer has been working directly in the area of horticulture for over 30 years, with design being his focus for the last 20 years. With this experience, it has resulted in being nominated for over 60 award categories for swimming pools and gardens (SPASA Awards). He is highly skilled at designing to budget as a result of this. His work ethos ensures that his clients will benefit from his pool of talent, experience and knowledge.
  • Exigo Outdoor Construction work with our clients in all areas of outdoor construction and landscaping, and our expertise also extends to other services such as irrigation, exterior lighting, turfing, and maintenance plans. No matter how big or small, we value each and every job.


For Living

We have the ability to provide both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solutions whilst meeting structural needs. Here are some examples.

Our clients love working with us – Have a read about what they have to say

  • It is not too often that I come across a company that is as well managed, professional, efficient and accommodating as Exigo Outdoor Construction. - Tony and Sharon Vaea, Tarragindi
    We recently engaged the services of Exigo Outdoor Construction, and in particular Simeon Bell, to complete a landscaping project for our new home in Tarragindi. As with all plans drawn by Landscape Architects, not everything was taken into account during the planning stage and changes needed to be made on the hop during planting. We found Simeon and his team to be very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating when these changes were required to be made and they provided us with several options from which to choose from. Furthermore, we had planned a holiday following completion of the landscaping project not realising that the plants needed regular watering immediately after they had been planted. As soon as Simeon was aware of this, he offered to water our plants – upon our return from holiday, Simeon not only watered our plants but had also mowed our lawn!! This is an excellent example of a company that goes that extra mile for their clients.
    We are extremely happy with the outcome of our landscaping and can only attribute this to a wonderful yet rare experience we had in dealing with Exigo Outdoor Construction.
  • I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simeon and his team to anyone and we have already done so. We couldn’t be happier with the result. - Nic and Nev, Balmoral

    We employed Exigo Outdoor Construction to complete a large scale landscaping project for our new house in Balmoral. We selected Simeon and his team after receiving a number of recommendations including a strong recommendation from the landscape architect who designed the yards surrounding our new property. The work was to take several months and it incorporated every inch of ground on our block that did not form part of the house. We could not be happier with the result. The experience with Simeon and his team was effortless from beginning to end. Simeon himself is a lovely person who proved extremely easy to deal with on every level. His team were also hard working lovely men and I felt comfortable and trusted the entire team to be on and around our property for the months that they were here. The work was completed expertly. The decking, the concreting, the fencing, the building of the garden beds, the rockery walls, artificial turf and real lawn, the retaining walls around the property and our beautiful pond and water feature are simply beautiful. We had invested a great deal of money in our selection of plants and Simeon and his team treated these plants with great respect ensuring they were placed perfectly. Unfortunately our landscaping was completed during an extraordinarily hot period in Brisbane and a few of our plants were burnt in the severe heat. Simeon came by to examine the garden a few weeks after completion and assessed the garden. Simeon and his team, with no cost to us, changed and replaced all of the plants that were burnt. We now have absolutely gorgeous landscaping surrounding our beautiful home. We couldn't be happier with the result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simeon and his team to anyone and we have already done so.

    Thank you Exigo Outdoor Construction for an awesome job.

  • Simeon's honest and frank advice was just what we needed and in the end the project had turned out better than what we had expected. - Anthony and Sonya Lock, Indooroopilly

    Recently a plunge pool was constructed at the side of our house. As the pool neared completion it was evident that the retaining wall, footpath and garden surrounding this area along the entire side of the property needed some attention. Exigo Outdoor Construction were recommended to us by Mr Bruce Williams - a talented landscape architect and it was soon evident that these guys had a good reputation in the industry. Make no mistake about it, landscaping is an expensive venture and reputation is everything if you want to make sure you're getting value for money. A number of times we changed the project minimally or included small additions, which Simeon and Aaron were pleased to carry out with no fuss. These gentlemen were punctual, professional and left the site each day in a tidy and safe state. If you need a landscaper that will do what they say they will and work with you to achieve the goal then I'm happy to recommend Exigo Outdoor Construction with no hesitation.

    A great job - thanks Simeon.

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